Who are the real liars?- Western power or Islamic State?

We see the world looking at ISIS as the enemy – or is it? ISIS has been accused of spreading untrue and foolish propaganda about jihad. They have been influencing, mostly young and youthful spirits, to join their militia.
What’s the difference with Western powers? They lie too, make hoaxes, and they are the biggest liars i’ve ever seen. Their cover-up things and secret files rubbish hiding the truth from everyone, even their own people. Believe it or not, the Apollo 11 landing is a big fat hoax. It is. The 9/11 attack could be done by the government itself too.

Because of the British, my ancestor’s lands are attacked and lost their sovereignty. Malaya was controlled by British before Malaysia achieve their independence. The British are exceptional liars- they are able to make Malaya under their influence and administrate them without making any wars. It is only when there are rebellions the British don’t have any other choice but to repel them using armed forces. For example, when they kill nationalists of Malaya.

British gained control of Penang when Francis Light promised to give troops and supplies to the Kedah king, Raja Abdullah. And in return the king will give the English East India Company an island, Penang. And so the king (somehow an idiot) gave Penang to the English. But when the king calls for suppy of troops the English didn’t supply them. And so, both Seberang Perai and Penang fell to the English. And that happens the same to all the states in Malaya, in very different ways but same strategy- lying, breaking promises, deceit, and cunning thinking.

If the British had kept and fulfil their promise with the Poles during the emergence of the second world war, the war could have been greatly shortened- or possibly prevented. Unfortunately, due to the assumption of the British that the promise to defend Poland if Nazi Germany attacks will deter Hitler and only to deter Hitler, the Phoney war occurred and eventually WWII occurred as well.

Britain and the United States of America claim themselves the so-called ”heroes of the second world war”. A foreign affairs columnist, Eric Margolis said in his blog ”Today, seven decades later, we are barraged with films and reports about Germany’s concentration camps while Stalin’s far more extensive and lethal gulag is ignored.  Roosevelt spoke warmly of Stalin as “Uncle Joe.”  Churchill kept silent.”. Read more- http://ericmargolis.com/2015/05/stalins-soviet-union-defeated-germany-we-should-not-forget/ .

So here’s the thing- what are the odds that the allies are spreading propaganda instead of ISIS? If they can lie and influence to others, why can’t they lie to the whole world like making fake beheading videos and false information? Is it possible that ISIS are actually rainbow-hearts? Is the tide actually turned the opposite side? Is ISIS like Napoleon Bonaparte, who was regarded evil those times but now known as hero and saviour?

I’m not asking you to believe that ISIS or Britain are the good guys or the bad guys, in fact I think ISIS are the bad guys, but I want you to not be easily influenced by any news around the world. Start to think critically and examine every news that had been told, regardless of mass media or not.

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