Legacy is the best gift for mankind

(Writer’s note: Skip to paragraph eight to get to the point. I recommend you read all the text to get an in-depth understanding of this article.)

Legacy. A six-letter word people don’t understand about it. Although they think they know the meaning yet they don’t understand it deeply. If they do, the world would have been very different from now.

It is because they take legacy for granted, do not learn history or misunderstand it.

According to the pillars of civilization created by me, ( I will put on the site one day), legacy is a pillar of advancement and advancement is one of the five main pillars of a successful civilization. Many people (21st centurians) put this small yet big pillar of civilization aside. If they think this it is important, why people rarely talk about it? Why is it not in a country’s constitution?

The concept of legacy is that not only money can be ‘legacised’ but also power, ideologies, success, lessons, and most important- a civilization.

Before I go deeper into the importance of legacy, I want to talk about what you can do with legacy(s). A legacy can be either started or continued. Starting a legacy means starting something new and intend to give what you started to your next generation (inherit). For example, you open a farm and you inherit the farm to your children when you’re old to let your children continue your legacy. Same thing goes to a civilization, when someone founded it, he or she will pass the legacy to the upcoming generation when he or she dies. Hence, starting a legacy can only be done at the beginning of a civilization. When a civilization grows, the legacy can only be continued- this one is – continuing legacy.

Continuing legacy means continuing something that has been started for some time. This is like the children in my previous farm business example. Instead of the children finding hardship by opening a new farm (or business), they continue their father’s old farm and made it better, We can see that continuing legacy is a smarter choice. (if we have a legacy passed to us.

Each race has its own legacy. Legacies are not only from parents, it could be form anyone. No matter what race we are, we are ought to continue the legacy, right? If we don’t then we are the losers because the legacy will fall and we will too.  If we start a legacy when we are supposed to continue, it is about what you think is best. If you think the legacy is you are ought to continue is wrong and against your belief or whatsoever, to start a legacy is wise. But, if a legacy is started just for sport, that is unwise and shows that him/her is ungrateful. Aligned with the karma rule is that if we want people to continue our legacy, we need to continue others’. Moreover, to start a legacy these days is much more harder especially if that legacy is civilization. So, again, the wiser choice is to continue legacy.

The greatest civilization is where the past, present and future combine as one. This is what I strongly believe to. The meaning is that your ancestors should die for you to continue your ancestor’s civilization and you should die for your children to continue your ancestor’s civilization and your civilization combined, and so on. That way, it will be a ‘plus’ (progress) after each generation. If each generation only care for their own backs by making their own civilization, it will be an ‘equal’ (no progress) after each generation.

Nobody lives forever, that’s why legacy is important. If our own legacy is continued forever, it is like we are living forever.

What happens if we don’t continue legacy? Are we just going to make every single of our ancestors effort become dust? Just make them as memory? Let’s remember of the past. There are many wars, civilizations. Are we just going to let all the soldiers in the past died in vain?

You can choose to either believe or not to believe this- the people in the past sacrificed their life and money for us to live in a better place and so that  you can continue their civilization; and so that you can let your children live in a much better place, which is better than yours, and let them continue your civilization and let it go on and on.

Don’t we all want this kind of lifestyle, this kind of community? Don’t we all want to succeed and progress undyingly, literally?

Let’s all make a ‘plus’ after each generation. Although you don’t believe that your ancestors sacrificed for you, let you start it. You are the pioneer.

Understanding more about the ideology of continuing legacy.

Civilization improves all sides of a country like development, law, research and studies, military, people etc. If each generation continues a civilization it will be like this;

First Generation: Established/bought/conquered land into a country

Second Generation: Builds wall around the land.

Third Generation: Research technologies on defence.

Fourth Generation: Place artilleries as defence.

Fifth Generation: Enhance education system to create more leaders and scholars.

Sixth Generation: Country is attacked but we are fully prepared. For the result, the country is able to defend itself easily and effectively.

That was an example of a successful civilization.

Seventh Generation: After the war they relax. Do nothing.

Eight Generation: The country is getting more unproductive.

Ninth Generation: Economy and education occurs downfall.

Tenth Generation: Country is attacked again. This time they are defeated because the enemy has greater weapons and advanced.

That was an example of an unsuccessful civilization. The civilization has fallen but that doesn’t mean it can’t be revived. Remember, legacy can come in many forms and one of them is- lessons.

Eleventh Generation: Nationalists and patriots moved away from their homeland as it has been taken by the enemy. They rebuild their civilization.

Twelfth Generation: Improve the cities.

Thirteenth Generation: Continue civilizing.

That was an example of a reviving civilization. The benefit of this procedure is that they are more aware of their mistakes in the past.

Fourteenth Generation: Attacked their enemy and got back their homeland. They improved their old and new civilization, joining them. They also learned from mistakes of the past (this is why learning history is important) and did not just sit down and do nothing. They continue their civilization and legacy while expanding them.

That was an example of a civilization that achieves total victory.


It is proven now that the power of legacy should not be underestimated. Legacy is the key to communicate amongst the people beyond and behind our time, unrevealing the secrets, lessons and achievements that are able to guide anyone to success.

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