The Highest Honour

I usually hear my friends talking about the future. That’s good. Not only my friends but many people ask me, others and themselves “What are you going to be?” ” Which university are you going to” “How many kids you plan to have” and questions on marriage, their favourite cars, gossips, crisis, critics on government.
I am unsure about their awareness about the highest honour. Listening to other people talking, they seem to be not clear or not knowing their purpose of life, which is supposed to be their highest honour instead of dream jobs and number of kids being their highest honour.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s just what I think.
What is the highest honour actually? Please think deeply about this question. The answer may take some time to know. But before you decide, try to take these questions into consideration.

  1. Is it worth it?
    Who would ever work for something that is worthless? To know if something is worth it or not, always bear this question is mind: “Is what I am doing meets the equation of ends and means?” ”Is it more to return than investment?”. This means what you get at the end must be more than what you sacrificed at first.
    The greatest military genius of the 18th and19th century, Napoleon Bonaparte said in a letter to Marshal Louis-Alexander Berthier, May 29, 1810: ”War must nourish war”. He believed that the ultimate objective of war was to enrich France. He looted beyond looting and sought to devise policies that would make war self-sustaining.
  2. The eternal reward?
      No one likes short-period of triumph and success but that is the truth of most ”highest honour” sought by most, the protracted reward. Wealth and dream jobs are temporary. What makes one thinks they are eternal?
    Oh, so what rewards are eternal? Legacy and ultimately, the afterlife is eternal. If you don’t believe in the afterlife magical world, start searching for the truth because it is a major payback.
  3. Mine or ours?
      The highest honour should benefit others too.  It should be about a new brighter light to the world and upcoming generations, who will continue our legacy. Together everyone achieves more- T.E.A.M. We can be strong and successful together if we farewell individualism.

The highest honour is an important topic- it can be a W.M.D or the world saviour. For instance, Hitler’s highest honour was to dominate the world. From that desire, 66 million people were killed.

In a nutshell, I hope you are able to wisely choose the highest honour you will be dying for (or at least chasing). But if you still don’t know what is the highest honour, don’t worry! I’ll be writing another article on guidance to the highest honour for you so stay updated. It’s okay if you don’t know as it is more unwise if you choose the wrong highest honour. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on looking for it.

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