How Religion and Ideology Collide

No matter how much we hate religion, there’s no legitimate reason to do so. When it comes to religion, one might view it as something unenlightening. Some idealise that religion makes peace be at the edge of the cliff.

I won’t say that incorrect, but just inaccurate. Religion are factors of the rise of some empires- and with empires, that means the presence of war. However, it’s also essential to note that not only religions led to the rise of empires but also ideologies. Not only religion leads to poverty of humane values.

Let’s try to reflect. Are there any differences between religion and ideology?

Q:Religion is a faith that believes in god, while ideology is an idea that has nothing to do with spirits nor gods.

A:There are two differences here:

  • Q:Religion is faith, ideology is an idea.

A:As far as we know, religion and ideology are two different things. However, in this case both of them are pretty much the same. When one has faith about something, the faith must come from an idea. For example, someone has faith in god because he thinks something must have created the universe and not spawns by itself, or, he saw something ‘magical’, etc. Just the same cycle as ideology. When you have an idea and decide to put that idea into action, let’s say capitalism, you hold on to that idea. Like it or not, that idea is your belief, and ultimately, you have faith in it.

religion and ideology

If you have belief/faith it is from an idea. If you have an idea, you will have  a  belief/faith.

When one has an idea and decides to keep it and exercise the idea, he believes in that idea and ultimately has faith in it. When one has a belief, he has an idea to believe it.

The diagram above may seem like I substituted the proposition with its converse. It is true that when someone believes in something, it’s from an idea, at least another person’s idea. The issue is that when one has an idea, he may or may not believe in it. However, if he decides to hold on to that idea whilst executing the teachings of the idea, that idea is a belief. Consequently, the converse has the equivalent truth value as the proposition if the above conditions above are met.

  • Q:Religion is believing in god, ideology isn’t about gods.

A:There are atheistic/non-theistic religions such as those of  Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Hinduism. That means religion is not only a belief in god or mumbo-jumbos.

Why does an ideology cannot be about god? An ideology is a set of ideas regardless of whether it involves deities or not. In a nutshell, there’s still no difference between religion and ideology.

Q:Religion is a belief purely by faith, unlike ideology.

A:An ideology could also be a belief by faith such as nationalism, democracy, freedom.

Q:Ideology is believed through thinking, unlike religion.

A:Religion is believed through thinking too. What kind of idiot would follow a religion without thinking? In fact, knowledge and thinking makes a person more keen towards religion. Like the words of Francis Bacon: “Little knowledge of science makes man an atheist, but in-depth study of science makes him a believer in God”.

Q:Ideology is a set of ideas on which a political or economic system is based.

A:An ideology is not only a set of ideas that influence politics or economy, it can be of one individuals’.  For instance, nationalism, sexism, or racism. They’re ideologies too. When it comes to ideology, I think of an idea when in fact if we dig in the roots of ideology it should mean something else. Ideology means different things from different origins.  We’re all using the word ideology while unsure about what the word actually means.

Alternatively, If I put ‘idea’ instead of ‘ideology’ sounds a little awkward for you to understand and I won’t achieve the impact that I want.

To me, when it comes to ideology, it is about any kind of set of ideas. I don’t know if this is similar to what the orthodoxes think (tell me what you think in the comments section) but this is definitely not the true original meaning (the true original meaning is unorthodox).

When an ideology is about any kind of set of ideas, then it can be about gods and spiritual stuff too, equating the meaning of ideology and the meaning of religion.

Religion and ideology are the same.  Are we too blind to see that they function very similarly? Religion and ideology, both of them are faiths and motivate people to achieve something. Both of them are the motor in our body and mind to make up our beliefs, goals, expectations, and motivations. BOTH of them can be used as a basis of a political and economical system. BOTH of them influences people’s lifestyles.

We might see them in a different way, different concept- but if we try to analyse and have a critical thought on those two, we’ll come up to a conclusion that both of them don’t actually collide, but moving in one line.

Perception divides religion and ideology. An aversion to religion would be completely pointless unless he or she averts to ideology as well.

The key point here is that religion should not be viewed as something throat-cutting. In fact one of these words, religion or ideology, should be erased from the dictionary , or, if possible, unify these words into one single word.


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