The ‘Perfect Agreement Synergy’ Effect

Ever experience the feeling of ‘I couldn’t agree with you more’? Norm agreements  are just for the sake of knowing, opinion stereotypes, typical opinions or just the agreement is not strong enough to reach the extend of the feeling mentioned just now.

The ‘Perfect Agreement Synergy’ (PAS) and the maximum agreement effect are terms I coined to equate to the ‘I couldn’t agree with you more’ feeling. The PAS effect happens when someone creates an argument and another person, who has exactly the same idea as his, listens to his argument. The listener will experience the PAS effect as he is beyond strongly agreeing with the arguer. The PAS effect is much more stronger and absolute provided that the argument is more complex and untypical. An analogy to the PAS effect: A bullet of argument, fast and fine, hits directly onto another bullet of the same argument.Bullets of argument hitting each other

The PAS effect is much more visible when answering surveys, usually a survey that provides an agreement scale (like, from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 with strongly disagree and 10 with strongly agree…) for you to answer. If you find yourself strongly agree with most of the questions, there might be a point where you wish there will be number 11 on the scale. The reason for this is because you initially think that you are already in a strong agreement. Therefore, you ticked number 10. At that time little did you know that the next question you will agree more on it, so you will wish number 11 pops up on the scale.

Such strong energetic feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, motivation and sometimes even anger (at the people who disagrees with him/her) appears when the PAS effect occurs. The PAS effect generates energy. When two people combine their energy, they generate synergy. Synergy unites people.

Environment and popular belief affects the PAS effect as well, the more contrary they are with the argument, the stronger is the effect. Appreciation is seem a virtue by everyone. When one’s idea whose not appreciated by society suddenly strongly agreed by someone, the tendency to communicate and collaborate with each other will appear. Therefore, forming a powerful and strong synergy. Prophets, idea preachers, planning revolutionists, secret rebels, they are more likely to experience the PAS effect.

The remarkable thing about the effect is that it generates massive strong amount of spiritual energy as the fact that the energy between two or more people have been synthesized. The energy, or more precise, synergy, if strong enough , is capable of bringing extraordinary changes to the world. As mentioned, the PAS effect happens more to ideology activists than to normal people. This group of ideologists are bounded in a family built by the synergy, meaning they combine and share their energy and generate them to be stronger. Chances are they’ll initiate a revolution if oppressed or a movement if socially isolated. If revolution it is, and successful, then it is a mark of a new civilization/dynasty.  If it’s a movement (usually by mad scientists and human rights activists like LGBT movement) then, it’s a mark of advancement and enlightenment to the civilization or company.

Motivation is another key feature of the effect. Although if the arguer and the listener, who experiences the PAS effect, cannot talk to each other in a two-way communication, the listener will get motivated. This is caused by  the fact that he knows that he is not alone and actually reminds himself why he should stick on to his ideology. The arguer just made his argument public, so the listener’s fear to share his idea decreases.

The story of Jonah and the giant fish which swallowed him tells us that Jonah gave in. He gave up. Why? He had no followers, no friends, no one to share his problems with. All of Jonah’s energy was spent spreading the commands of God just to be ignored by his people. Jonah gave up, and under the order of God, he was swallowed by a fish. There’s no synergy when two people of different thoughts meet. Loneliness deters us. It wouldn’t be that easy for him to give up if someone agrees with him, much more harder if he found another prophet.

Learning about the PAS is something for us to appreciate since the effect rarely happens. And when it does, it means a lot and occasionally changes a lot. The effect creates synergy and teamwork. Given every company employee are in synergy, the company is a successful one.

Agree with my hypothesis? Or are you in a PAS with me? Whatever it is, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Photo credit: 드림포유 via / CC BY-ND 

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