Malaysia as the Eastern USA? (Part II)

Last two weeks, I talked about how Malaysia is copying the US, whether the government or the people realise it or not. One may seem that there shouldn’t be a problem with that, because the US is where democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality are being exercised. If Malaysia really think that the US is exercising the right way of life, or at least the best ideology that ever existed, then what’s the point of making these countries divided? It should be better if Malaysia is a part of the US, or these two countries merge.

Because, in my philosophy of civilization, it is necessary that civilizations unite given that they have the same ideology. Therefore, they can synergize their effort to accomplish their goals according to their ideology. In this case, Malaysia and the US both believe what they think are human rights, are human rights. For example, both think that democracy is the solution for justice and human rights.

So, why are they divided? Perhaps the motive which makes these nations divide is the culture and tradition of the society.

True, but not true. Malaysia might be dividing on that basis, but their actions don’t approve their motive.

These two countries offers the freedom to practice any religion, any culture and any tradition, as long as they don’t hurt others. So what’s wrong with adding peoples of different cultures in either country? Besides, both Malaysians and Americans are already used in living in a pluralistic and multiracial country. Secondly, the today’s generation of these two countries practice the same culture! Malaysian youngsters are following the generation Z culture of the youngsters in America. Are we too blind to see that? It’s legal and no one is stopping them. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but for a nation that wants its own identity, which at the same time the people are assimilating other people’s culture and clothing while the country’s aim is to uphold the Malays- is just… absurd! How can anyone say Malaysia is a unique country when at the heart of the country, Kuala Lumpur, everyone is dressing like Western people? How is Malaysia having its own identity?

It would be easy to predict on what aspect I’ll be discussing today- social.

2. Social

  • Clothing

Let’s go to the most obvious similarity first. As to the example I’ve given in part I, about school children wearing neckties, the clothing in these two countries are pretty much the same. In the corporate world, it can clearly be seen that Malaysians are copying the Americans and British outfits. They wear neckties and suits, although it is bloody hot for Malaysians. And in the teenagers world, their dresses are alike. There are these hoodies, the hipsters, and especially and most annoying, the eyes-stuck-to-the-screen ones. In a shopping mall, the teenagers are seen wearing jeans. Some are wearing caps, which is utterly pointless to wear them indoors.

How about the ‘traditional’ clothes? Like baju Melayu, baju kurung, sarong- they’re only worn on occasions and religious functions. Notice the apostrophes (‘) around the ‘traditional’? I put them there because their tradition-al clothes now are their jeans and corporate suits.

Why are those clothes only worn on occasions? Why can’t they be used in everyday life? Why aren’t the leaders wearing them? What is it about these ‘traditional’ clothes that deter people from wearing, when ages ago people wear it normally? Shouldn’t they be proud to have a clothing of their own? And Malaysia is now struggling to raise students with national identity when the first step could be wearing those ‘traditional’ clothes.

That’s what national identity means. It means having your own culture and being proud of it. Still, it does not mean being fanatic about your race, like how critics of nationalism make a general statement about nationalism, which they say being nationalistic is about going to war with other races or go mocking other cultures or ethnic group. That is a stereotypical statement. One thing for sure about nationalism is to uphold your own culture and not let anyone corrupt or say what kind of clothes you must wear.

  • Lifestyle

There may be more atheists in America than in Malaysia, but it is clearly visible that most people in these countries are part-time atheists. Meaning, when they pray, they are a believer in God, but besides that time, they’ll do whatever they want even if their religion forbids it. Like the riba being practised in banks in Malaysia although it is strictly forbidden in Islam. Also, alcohol is being consumed in America although all major religions forbid it. This half-religious phenomenon is happening extremely wide in these two countries.

There’s this master and slave concept happening in social media, where the masters are the ones who are chasing those likes and shares while the slaves are the ones who are always sharing or liking people’s post. What’s very disturbing is that the hubristic masters are tend to post or do very nonsensical stuff just to attract attention like making a Vine of the reaction ‘when someone calls u a gay fish’ or ‘when ur bae texts u’. On the other hand, the annoying part of these slaves are sharing these low-life posts. My Facebook news feed is constantly filled with rubbish thanks to these guys. That’s why on Twitter I hardly follow any of my friends.

Many people are trying to be successful. They have different ways of measuring success. For some, it is about having what you want, being rich, or being influential. The people are not synergised and not united because they all have different aims and goals.

Little or no weightage are put upon to improve Malay identity by the Malaysian government. Malaysia is not dong enough to have an identity of its own. By ‘enough’, I mean changing the policy or constitution of the country due to the fact that the will of the people failed to make a stronger Malaysia. If Malaysia thinks that the will of the people is above anything else, then it would be better for them to merge with the US, isn’t it? They won’t lose anything, in fact, they’ll gain.

At this point we must realise that not only Malaysia is copying America, but also most of the countries in the world. Is the US our boss? They established the global culture and dominate most peoples in this world culturally and politically while the dominated are too blind to see that they are hypnotised and obsessed and what could possibly be wrong with the global culture. If you are intelligent enough to see, the global culture is making us unthink and more ignorant, with such fabulous gadgets and hedonistic ideologies as tools to dominate our minds.

We are distinguished from animals because of our ability to think and evaluate. Therefore, merely following our desires does not make us human, it makes us an animal. What they do may not necessarily be right, as they too, are humans. And every human thinks what they think is human right is human right. No one actually knows what human rights are and no one actually knows why God sent us to Earth, except for the Creator.

For God is the most knowing and most wise. He knows and you don’t know.

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