The two sides of Donald Trump’s coin.

I’ve never thought that I will ever be interested in American politics until Trump becomes famous in the political world.

What makes Trump so triumphant in the presidential race? Perhaps it is what his supporters think about him- He is the boss. He ‘says what he wants to say’ and ‘does what he wants to do’. What appeals to me about Trump is his background as a businessman. A billionaire! If he could run a huge corporation, there are chances he will do well running a country, although one might say running a nation is different than running a business. Still, it is undeniable that a businessman has more leadership skills than an ordinary politician, not to mention the businessman is a billionaire.

Donald Trump does not drink as well, and highly presumable he is not into drugs. The person who he admires a lot, his brother, died of excessive drinking. Before he died, he told Donald that he should not drink, even once. Donald Trump took his advice and he never drank alcohol in his whole life. This could mean that Trump is a very strong person when it comes to fighting its own desires, due to the fact that he never drank while living in a country where more than 80% of the people aged 18 or older drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime, and more than 50% reported that they drank in the past month. He also never smoked cigarettes.

I view the two points above as a very huge advantage for a leader, especially a national leader. First, he is a business billionaire. There is no real reason for him to enter politics for the sake of wealth or power. This is a proof that he is sincere when he says he wants to improve the people’s life quality by decreasing taxes and increase employment rates, and also he is really determined to make America great again, in fact better than ever. He does not claim bombastic statements, like most politicians do. Like said earlier, he ‘does what he wants to do’ and ‘says what the wants to say’. Being a bombastic person is a parasite for business people. In business, everything is going fast, therefore, every work should not only be said but done. How can Trump have a bombastic mouth? Besides, due to his wealthiness, he does not have to fully depend on the country’s money, but he can use his own money for the country’s spending. I believe this is an aspect that should be given attention when choosing a leader- capability. A leader should be capable if he/she is to lead. In other words, capability here means taking it to the next level. A rich politician is a perfect example to this. Trump who is capable of taking care of himself, takes it to the next level to take care of his family. Able to do that as well, he tried to take care of his business, and he did exceptionally well. Now, he is raising the bar by trying to lead a nation. His ability to fight his own desires, proofed by the fact that he never drank alcohol and smoke cigarettes, proposes that he is able to put aside partisanship in thinking and able to wisely make decisions.

Moving on to the other side of Donald Trump’s coin. He could be the right guy for the job but he is also a real asshole.

Although Trump is new to the political world, he goes on rampaging over other candidates like he is the politics whizz. Theory is a lot different from practising. No matter how much he knows about politics, he will never get good at it until he becomes a politician. Instead of criticising other candidate’s incompetency, he should be learning from them. However, it is supposed that his bad mouth is what that makes him popular. But still, his experience is insufficient and he might have a culture shock the moment he steps inside the office. He might be very good in businesses, but his competency in politics is still questionable.

Stereotypical behaviour is very apparent in his proposal to ban foreign Muslims from entering the country until Congress is able to figure out how to address Islamic terrorism. Does Trump means if there is a nice and sweet Muslim family trying to have a vacation in the U.S, then he is going to ban them as well? Just because the terrorism is carried out by a particular group of Muslims, that does not mean other Muslims are terrorists. What a stereotype! Is he trying to turn the number of tourists in the country into a slump? Well, that’s definitely going to happen if he does so.

Even Obama said ‘for a lot of proposals that he’s [Trump] made displayed either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude…‘ while at the G-7 summit in Japan. He also said world leaders are ‘rattled’ by Trump. Donald Trump’s enemies are not only within but also beyond the border.

In my point of view, Trump has a lot of advantages to make the people trust him but his attitude is deterring people from supporting him. As a presumptive Republican nominee, he should have gone easy with others and try to consider what others think of him. He still can correct his own attitude though, but he is too egoistic to do so.

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