Donald Trump’s Presidency Might Hamper a Global Warfare Although He is a Clown

I actually despise Donald  Trump at first as the next president of the United States of America. He is an ignorant know-it-all racist, xenophobe, sexist and a promoter of Islamophobia.

Hillary Clinton seems nice at first, someone who is not a joke like the Donald.

While Trump being criticised by many powers around the globe, Clinton is endorsed by Obama, favoured by women, and all the people who saw that Donald Trump is a clown.

Election night presented the opposite of my expected outcome. Trump won the key states in the election and ultimately won the whole election.

As I tried to imagine how America would be in the hands of a maniac, I also thought what if America is ruled by Hillary Clinton who I believe is an imperialist and may escalate tensions with Russia.

Tensions between the Western bloc and Russia have intensified during the past couple of years. It has been feared that another global-scale conflict might break out, involving nuclear weapons. That’s going to be catastrophic not only in the short run but also in the long run.

Hillary Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin have bad blood and mounted much more bad lately because of the Syrian civil war. Trump on the other hand is looking forward to end confrontations with Russia and pay less attention towards an American Empire. Almost half of the government’s budget is spent on the military. In fact, Putin even backed Donald Trump in his campaigns.

Right after Trump’s victory speech, Putin congratulated Trump and hoped for a ‘constructive dialogue’ unlike Clinton who cannot negotiate with Putin.

Russia is also officially accused of attempting to interfere in the elections a month before it, by hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations. This could be because Russia doesn’t want Clinton to be the next president.

Trump’s presidency might evade or at least postpone a global war conflict. Trump focuses on building America internally unlike his predecessors who aims robbing other nation’s wealth especially in the Middle East. Trump also saw that the money spent on NATO is unnecessary. If he will scale-down NATO, the war is less likely to erupt, because NATO is threatening to invade Russia.

The well-being and performance of the country is unsure of the direction it will go, however. Some Muslims are outraged that Trump won. Although I’m a Muslim, I’m not outraged.

A quote from Donald Trump’s victory speech: “We will seek common ground, not hostility. Partnership, not conflict”. It’s hard to trust the words of a politician, but this is an utterly different one we’re talking about here.

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