A Stereotype View on Nationalism

First of all, let’s get ourselves clear about the meaning of nationalism, which is the love or passionate feelings for one’s race, ethnics, or ancestry. Not to be confused with patriotism; the love or passionate feeling for one’s country, which is not limited to racial zeal. However, there’s no such kind of ‘sacred text’ that states the doctrines of nationalism, therefore nationalism is a very subjective ideology.

The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) support for Scottish independence has been an example to criticise the idea of nationalism. Nationalism is said to promote war and obstruct liberty. Is that really so? Continue reading

The fate of Rohingyas depends on Suu Kyi

Last year the world witness the height of the cruelty towards Rohingyas that was (and actually still) made by the military junta. However, little is heard about the minor ethnic group nowadays. The people is supposed to be the main issue of the landslide victory by the National League for Democracy (NLD), since Aung San Suu Kyi is sought as a hero of peace. Albeit 101 political prisoners were liberated few weeks ago, a mystery still remains whether Rohingyas will be given equal freedom and nationality as other people in the country. Continue reading