The ‘Perfect Agreement Synergy’ Effect

Ever experience the feeling of ‘I couldn’t agree with you more’? Norm agreements ¬†are just for the sake of knowing, opinion stereotypes, typical opinions or just the agreement is not strong enough to reach the extend of the feeling mentioned just now.

The ‘Perfect Agreement Synergy’ (PAS) and the maximum agreement effect are terms I coined to equate to the ‘I couldn’t agree with you more’ feeling. The PAS effect happens when Continue reading

Knowledgeable people are more likely to be influential

”Knowledge is power”. That’s a quote made by the famous 16th century English scientist, Sir Francis Bacon. And all smart and wise people should believe that too.

Other than it can be useful for enlightenment and technology, it can also be used to influence people as knowledge is a pillar of leadership. Please note that this article is based on my hard deep thinking and experience. Continue reading

Legacy is the best gift for mankind

(Writer’s note: Skip to paragraph eight to get to the point. I recommend you read all the text to get an in-depth understanding of this article.)

Legacy. A six-letter word people don’t understand about it. Although they think they know the meaning yet they don’t understand it deeply. If they do, the world would have been very different from now. Continue reading