Islam As a Political Ideology?


An Australian political candidate, Stephanie Banister, said in an interview by a news network that Islam is a country and apparently, she has a towering ignorance on what ‘haram’ is. Despite that, she is right if she meant that Islam is such a creed that can be fully established only if Muslims have a country of their own.

Through research of the Quran, Islam can be concluded as a political doctrine. Among the criticisms towards Islam is the claim that Islam is a political ideology disguised as a religion. I agree on the early part of the statement that Islam has political rules and laws, but to say that Islam is trying to put on a ‘religion’ label would be naive. Continue reading

Diversions and Evasions: Don’t Ask Someone What to Ask

I’m not  a huge expert on psychology but I know what manipulation is. You too can easily understand what manipulation is. Two of its tactics, diversion and evasion, are really annoying and an effective tool for escaping a question. Propagandists also use this tactic.

Diversion is the behaviour that aims at shifting the central topic of the argument to something else, and evasion is similar to diversion but giving irrelevant, rambling, vague responses, weasel words. These two are very closely related. These manipulative techniques are identified by a leading expert on manipulators, Dr. George K. Simon. Continue reading

Malaysia as the Eastern USA? (Part II)

Last two weeks, I talked about how Malaysia is copying the US, whether the government or the people realise it or not. One may seem that there shouldn’t be a problem with that, because the US is where democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality are being exercised. If Malaysia really think that the US is exercising the right way of life, or at least the best ideology that ever existed, then what’s the point of making these countries divided? It should be better if Malaysia is a part of the US, or these two countries merge. Continue reading

Malaysia as the Eastern USA? (Part I)

A few weeks ago I read an article in the letters section of the New Straits Times about the absurdity for students to wear neckties in schools. The writer, who works at Perak Islamic Information Centre, expressed his sympathy towards school children because they are forced to wear neckties, even in the contemporary hot weather happening now in Malaysia. The necktie was invented by the British to keep themselves warm in their chilling country. To wear a necktie in a tropical region that has hot and humid weather throughout the whole year would be completely foolish. Unfortunately, not only kids are forced to wear them, but also working adults. Continue reading

Seven Words, Big Change

“Live for nothing, or die for something.” -John Rambo

These were the words. These were the seven simple yet provoking words that changed my entire philosophy and life. It’s from a famous movie, which is from a tremendous movie series throughout the past decades, -Rambo (2008).

The quote above may be contrary to one’s ideas, as it was to my old ideas. But now, I see it as a stepping stone towards enlightenment and wisdom. Once you are able to accept the quote, the gates to wisdom opens so widely. Continue reading