Donald Trump’s Presidency Might Hamper a Global Warfare Although He is a Clown

I actually despise Donald  Trump at first as the next president of the United States of America. He is an ignorant know-it-all racist, xenophobe, sexist and a promoter of Islamophobia.

Hillary Clinton seems nice at first, someone who is not a joke like the Donald. Continue reading

The two sides of Donald Trump’s coin.

I’ve never thought that I will ever be interested in American politics until Trump becomes famous in the political world.

What makes Trump so triumphant in the presidential race? Perhaps it is what his supporters think about him- He is the boss. He ‘says what he wants to say’ and ‘does what he wants to do’. What appeals to me about Trump is his background as a businessman. A billionaire! If he could run a huge corporation, there are chances he will do well running a country, although one might say running a nation is different than running a business. Still, it is undeniable that a businessman has more leadership skills than an ordinary politician, not to mention the businessman is a billionaire. Continue reading