Race, Pride and Arrogance

Look around you. Look at the rain that has been poured onto Earth that grows the various types of plants and trees. Look at the river that has been flowed for you as a means of transportation and communication. Look at the stars in the sky which you use for navigation. Look at the appearance and the disappearance of the moon and the sun which you use them to determine time.  Look at the animals which some of them you use for food and some you use for clothing and to cover yourself. Look at the sea where you obtain your protein and precious jewels. Whether or not you try to calculate the grace of god, you’ll never be able to count. Continue reading

Philosophy of Islam Agenda

Talking about Islam is one of my most important agendas in constructing this website. When, I talk about something, I need to make sure that I have at least sufficient knowledge about that particular topic.

That’s why when I want to write about Islam, I want to make sure I have a clear and original understanding about it.

The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing- that means some things I know about Islam might be wrong because of perception or misunderstandings. Continue reading