Meet Eric


The second last Sunday, I met a man named Eric. He lives in Cyprus but was born in Mauritius. He works in the same company as my mom. My mom introduced the whole family to him on that day, and I have to say that he is one of the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. We met again the last Thursday before he headed back home to Cyprus and I learnt few very important things from him.

We talked mostly about something what people hardly talk about- religion. When my mom asked him what religion is he following right now, he swiftly said “I’m nothing”. He however was born in a Christian family and his parents are devoted believers. He has read the Quran, the Bible (haven’t finished), and is about to read the Gita. Continue reading

Life of a Boring Kid

Introverts are gifted earthlings. When others are engrossed to being social, they are busy thinking as if they have a playground in their heads. The reason they enjoy being alone is because they never really are.

I was an introvert when I was a kid. Some things I saw and heard stuck in my head. I wasn’t able to mix with others at school. By my teenage years I began to develop social skills and I was able to make friends. From then on, I am more to an ambivert. Continue reading