I Call Whoever I Want to Call a ‘Terrorist’

Something is real fishy about the modern understanding of the word ‘terrorism’. It looks like everyone who is against a government using violence will be viewed as a terrorist.

Many separatist groups are called terrorists like nationalists, the communists in Malaya, the various separatist groups in Indonesia and many more. The fact is that they are no different to those ‘righteous’ people who are in control. They are just trying to establish their political ambitions as to those people of predominant power. If history is the other way around, I mean if separatists were successful in overthrowing the predominant government, then the predominant loyalists will be viewed as ‘terrorists’. Terrorism is a big fat illusion, a term designed to deceive and create partisanship. Continue reading

How Religion and Ideology Collide

No matter how much we hate religion, there’s no legitimate reason to do so. When it comes to religion, one might view it as something unenlightening. Some idealise that religion makes peace be at the edge of the cliff.

I won’t say that incorrect, but just inaccurate. Religion are factors of the rise of some empires- and with empires, that means the presence of war. However, it’s also essential to note that not only religions led to the rise of empires but also ideologies. Not only religion leads to poverty of humane values. Continue reading