The Mentality That Traps Us

People are trapped in a cage that is made by themselves- yes, their mentality. Their emotions, their minds, negative feelings and the things that build the bars of the cage.

You might be thinking now that this article is about letting go of your negative mind, and you are free. It is a thinking that traps us, yes. Keep in mind of that. Actually, today I’m talking more on a holistic basis, viewing the global factor and effect. That thinking will not only change individuals but the whole human race.

First of all, a mentality that traps us is getting involved in popular culture excessively.* Can we observe that pop culture is drifting people away from their purpose of life. The ‘celebrities’ get people to be distracted and eventually the admirers begin to think like the admired. People begin to talk, gossip, imitate the celebs (outfit, behaviour, etc.). And the question that should pop up is ‘Why waste time gossiping/imitating them?’ Movies, and music are suppose to be inspirations instead of conspirations for the celebs to be admired. Celebrities don’t own this world, but some people think they do. Beside, trust me, pop culture of the 21st century drags us away from the truth ( I’m not talking about this yet.).

Our perception of life, the what we think is the highest honour, our purpose in life also traps most (read ‘the highest honour’ to know more). This is a weapon of mass destruction, alongside with nukes. For most of us, we think that we are successful when we are rich, doing what we want. I would add ‘to trap ourselves’. This, Earth, mother nature is very temporary and life is short. Everyone will face death. Contrary to popular belief, doing what we want is NOT  the solution to live to the fullest. I mean, what’s the point? We’ll die anyway. There is no point to live when one day we will die. That brings us to the question we should had asked:- ”What is the purpose of our life?”

The next thing I’m going to say might hurt some of you. Our perception of religion is absolutely incorrect, especially on Islam. Religion is not only ritual, it’s a way of life. And, I hate to use the word ‘religion’. I prefer ‘deen’– Arabic for ‘way of life’, and usually confused with ‘religion’. I bet you cannot find the word ‘religion’ in the Quran, but, you can find ‘way of life’.

It comes to the conclusion that Islam is NOT a religion- what most believe it is ritual, individualism, anarchism. Islam is the opposite of those. Islam is (not a religion but) a way of life where we sell our souls and wealth, enslaving ourselves at every aspect of our life, establish an umat (community/citizen) and a sovereign country that defines Islam fully and apply the teachings of Islam holistically and fully, – all of those, sincerely and only for the one and only, the Almighty Allah. And, in change, for the eternal paradise/ jannah.

Now we know we’re in the jahiliyyah period and the dark side.

Besides, thinking critically helps one to think clearer about opinions as well as facts. The father of philosophy, Socrates, said that: ”The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.  By knowing we know nothing we let go of our ego and are more open-minded to new ideas and facts.

Try to see yourself now, do you think all the things you know are right? From politics to ‘religion’? Are you open-minded to accept new ideas?

quote-chalk-think-words.jpgUncritical thinkers are trapped by their own knowledge and field of acceptance for ideas. They’re narrow-minded. They can’t think out of the box. Critical thinkers are free. They don’t know anything therefore their field of knowledge and acceptance for ideas are unlimited. They’re open-minded and let things get in and out of the box- the ability to learn and unlearn. Like my teacher said, critical thinking is not only about criticising but also about ‘able to see things beyond what you see’.

Allahu a’lam. God is the most knowing.

* How far is excessive?  We’re excessive when we idolise the celebs that we put pictures of them as posters, too much gossiping about them, watching gossiping shows on television, write a blog/scrapbook about them. It isn’t wrong actually, but when you begin to think that the celebrities makes the world go round or being a celebrity is the best thing in the world, then you better run.

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