Seven Words, Big Change

“Live for nothing, or die for something.” -John Rambo

These were the words. These were the seven simple yet provoking words that changed my entire philosophy and life. It’s from a famous movie, which is from a tremendous movie series throughout the past decades, -Rambo (2008).

The quote above may be contrary to one’s ideas, as it was to my old ideas. But now, I see it as a stepping stone towards enlightenment and wisdom. Once you are able to accept the quote, the gates to wisdom opens so widely.

The world is a playground, but that differs when people have different ideas about the playground. Some think of the playground as a place where you can build stuff and make it more fun, while some just play on it without acknowledging the playground itself. As a result of the latter, if a facility is broken, they’ll just walk away and play with another facility. The world is not yours or mine, it ours, it’s something that we share among ourselves. Leave a bad apple in the barrel, and everyone is affected. The heartless exploits of man upon the face of earth only leaves pollution to be permanent, and also power misuse causes war torn lands. That criminal won’t be living long enough unlike the next generation,  which the second they’re born, they are beginning to feel the disaster that was caused by man themselves.


Fan art of Rambo III. Credit: Simche (

This quote has the capability to provoke humans to rethink of the purpose they’re on earth. None of the outcome of the seven deadly sins are actually beneficial for us when we kick the bucket.The wealth we possess will not walk along our side after our deaths. The fame and glory someone has also can’t be enjoyed by himself when he is dead. Neither do the products of envy, lust, gluttony, wrath and sloth could accompany us.

Life’s not very paying too when the thing we only care about is ourselves, although without committing the seven deadly sins. Nothing is the definitely the only thing that’s worth out of all our efforts that we’ve spent on earth merely trying to survive, if one’s survivability is secured (absolutely no offence towards poor people). All of our lives we’ve been working and serving, but at the end everything is lost out of the blue.

Now, if none of the mentioned above are worthwhile, then what’s worth fighting for? Look back at the quote. In the words of a soldier, we go out to the battlefield with the sole purpose of winning- survival is the second question. Even if you perish, you’ve contributed some to your army, which helps them to achieve victory. Noticed something? You left a legacy, which benefits many, i.e. from the contribution you’ve made. Rather than just staying home, you’re not helping the others in the battlefield. Therefore, live for nothing, or die for something. 

The answer to the question we’ve been discussing is,  my fellow readers,- legacy. A good legacy is something worth dying for. Whether remembered or not, it marks your existence upon this face of earth, making you a friendly part of earth. The predominant generation needs to make the world a better place to live in so human civilization can sustain and progress. Most of us are leaving a bad legacy like pollution and after war effects. The beauty of nature may not be witnessed by the next generation just because of the hands of their ancestors.

Let’s end this barbarity. Remember what’s worth fighting for. For those who has not thought of a good legacy to be left, let’s think about it. And for those who has prepared theirs, I congratulate you, but don’t stop. Life’s so short and temporary, but legacies are eternal. That’s what makes us a part of the world we live in. Forever.


An excerpt from Rambo (2008):

Thanks for reading! I didn’t talk much about legacy and that might keep you wondering how you can leave a legacy. If you want to know more about legacies, then check out this blog post here. Have a nice day.

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