Life of a Boring Kid

Introverts are gifted earthlings. When others are engrossed to being social, they are busy thinking as if they have a playground in their heads. The reason they enjoy being alone is because they never really are.

I was an introvert when I was a kid. Some things I saw and heard stuck in my head. I wasn’t able to mix with others at school. By my teenage years I began to develop social skills and I was able to make friends. From then on, I am more to an ambivert.

After some time from the transition, I began to realise the pearl of being an introvert, how it affects my life. Being an introvert enables me to think more and see what others couldn’t see. I realise that some things that should be given more attention aren’t given and vice versa. Like how you can contribute to others than only to yourselves. Out of my criticisms on human beings, I began to think more as seeing how funny society functions.

Through the years of building castles in the sky, I get less involved with popular culture because of no one to share to me the latest news about the world of celebrities. I fond not social media and Korean music. My parents restricted my time on playing video games. All of those trained me to be independent- and from that, I started learning about the world and began to have a passion for history and philosophy. When other boys are playing computer games, I’m studying history at home. I also begin to dive deeper into Islam and understanding more about the wisdom of its tenets.

I’m also an old soul and very empathic, to my opinion those two associate well with introvercy.  I found out that there are three types of people: those who do evil, those who witness evil, and those who stop evil. I, of course, always make sure I’m in the third group.

Being boring is not… boring, after all. Although introverts are given less attention, they are gifted with conciousness. Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet, Mahatma Gandhi- they’re all introverts and their ideas change the world.

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